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Mechanics of Curling - Delivering the Stone . ......Norm Danylo - Glenmore Curling Club


By now, you must have seen quite a few deliveries; there’s the tumblers, the kneelers, the drifters, the wobblers etc. Some of these curlers can in fact deliver their stone accurately, but they are the exception.

Most curlers who consistently deliver their stone on the broom share certain traits and we would like to share them with you.

Skips are well placed to evaluate the accuracy of a curler’s delivery; when it is well done, the curler hardly appears to move since he is coming straight at the broom. Let us review the basics.

Before that, it is appropriate to disassociate the taking up of the stance from the act of cleaning the stone; it is very important to clean your stone, but it should not be a part of your position routine. When you get to your stone, do bend down, clean it and position it in front of your hack foot; then, start your positioning routine.


  • Stand up, place your right foot in the hack with the toe pointing toward the broom so your body is square to the broom i.e. your shoulders should be perpendicular to the initial direction of the stone’s travel. Do shift your feet so that the position is relaxed, not tensed.

  • Now, knowing that you are square to the intended direction of travel, bend down, grasp the stone and place it immediately in front of your right foot and position it for the turn you are about to throw. You are now bent down, and still square to the aiming line.

  • At this stage, and before starting the push, many curlers like to focus intently on the broom and block out anything else. It is like developing tunnel vision !

    The delivery comprises four movements: The Preparation, The Positioning of the left foot, The Push, and The Release.

    The preparation

    The preparation consists of positioning your body in preparation for the push. Since you have just bent down to grasp the stone, you must now raise your haunches, bring your left foot straight back as you also slightly pull the stone back to almost touch your right foot and shifting some weight backwards when you are making a take -out. Then you start to move the rock and your shoulders forward, and bring your left foot forward behind the rock. As of yet, you should not start your push.

    The positioning

    You are now in the act of bringing your left foot forward and shifting some of your weight forward also. You must now place the foot directly behind the stone as you prepare to push the stone forward.

    At this point, the skips’broom, the centre of the stone, the left foot and the right leg should be on the same line, that is, the aiming line.

    With your body aligned this way, it may be difficult to hold your balance; that is why most of us use a broom. You may see some of our curlers who do not have to use the broom to balance themselves, but they are just better than the rest of us.

    The push

    As you bring your left foot to be directly behind the stone, there should be a very slight pause; then all you do is push from the hack with your right leg; if you are lined up properly, you will be going directly at the broom and will not drift.

    The Release

    As you are going toward the broom, it is now time to impart the proper turn and release the stone to its target; do not feel compelled to hold on to the stone until you are at the hog line

    If you effect the delivery properly, the skip will barely notice any movement or drift on your part; he will see you raise yourself and see the shift of the left foot behind the rock and suddenly notice that the stone is on its way.


    Developing a good delivery is done with someone else who can tell you what he notices. There should be several members at your club who will gladly spend some time with you perfecting your delivery; you must seek them.

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