Greenacres opened up for season 2020/21 on the 28th September. They have put in place and tested the facilities and arrangements for meeting the government and Scottish Curlings COVID requirements for returning to curling. 

There is a requirement for each ice rink and curling club to comply with the procedures set out by Scottish Curling. That includes Greenacres and each club appointing a COVID Officer. Colin Laurie has agreed to take on that role on behalf of Howwood CC. Please contact him if you have any questions about the arrangements and what you need to do to comply. 

For Howwood the new season starts on Tuesday 6/10 @ 18.00 with the first match against Lochwinnoch in the Joint League. This is the only competition being played in the 1st half. There are 10 matches to play with 4 players making up the 2 Howwood teams. An additional 4 players will be needed for 3 matches in December. Colin Laurie will be coordinating these matches with the Howwood players to agree on the positions for each team. He will also liaise with Lochwinnoch to make sure that they are able to play each match.

Following our revisit of preferences in July it was agreed that the club members should be asked again in November to revisit their preferences. Meantime a full schedule of competitions has been booked for the 2nd half. This may need to be revised should the members preferences change following the November review.

It was considered by the committee that, because of the situation with COVID, the Come & Try session should not be progressed this season.