The Jubilee Trophy competition was finished in October. Rink 2 skipped by George Wills, and including Calum Macleod, Murdo Martin and Lynda Storie, are the outright winners having won all there matches.

The Joint League with Lochwinnoch has completed it’s third week. L1 vL2 did not take place on the 12/11 because only 4 of their players turned up. As a result their match was voided and no points were awarded. Currently, at the half way stage, H1 is leading and H2 is second. The next round of matches is on the  26/11.

Peter Hamilton has joined Howwood CC as a new curler. He is available as a reserve. His contact details have been added to the schedule card. As he is a new curler he will need to play as lead. Please include him when you are searching for substitutes.

The Cawdor House invitation match at Braehead ice rink takes place at 12.10 on Sunday the 24th November. The teams will be playing for the Little’s Trophy.