Autumn League - Jubilee Trophy & Presidents Cup

 Because of COVID 19, these matches will take place in 2021. The teams will be chosen following the review in November to confirm whether or not the players preferences have changed.
Jubilee Fixture Dates
Wed  20-Jan . 8:30pm        J1 v J2
Wed 27-Jan 8:30pm.           J1 v J3
Wed 3-Feb. 8:30pm J2 v J3

Presidents Cup Dates
Wed 17- Feb. 8:30pm        P1 v P2
Wed 24-Feb 8:30pm.           P1 v P3
Wed 3-Mar 8:30pm P2 v P3

Players: G Dodds, C Laurie, L Carmichael, P Hamilton,  M Hood, M Molloy, S Pirie, C Bird, W Bird, C Macleod, B Thomas, M Martin.

Reserves: S Carmichael, R Stewart, C MacNeil, D Moore

Jubilee Teams



Presidents Teams