Joint Howwood/Lochwinnoch League

Fixture Dates
Tues 6-Oct.    6:00pm    H1 v L1
Tues 20-Oct   6:00pm    H1 v L2
Tues 10-Nov   6:00pm   H2 v L1
Tues 24-Nov   6:00pm   H2 v L2
Tues   1-Dec    6:00pm   H1 v L1
Note- L1 play L2 on Tues 8-12 @ 6pm
Wed.  9-Dec.   8:30pm   H1 v H2
Tues. 15-Dec.  6:00pm   H2 v L2
Tues  22-Dec.  6:00pm.   H1v L2, H2 v L1

Tea, coffee and sandwiches will be provided
at the presentation after the final matches.

Players: C Laurie, G Dodds, S Pirie, P Hamilton for all the matches. L Carmichael, C Bird, W Bird for the 9-Dec & 22-Dec 
The additional Howwood player for the matches on the 9-Dec and 22-Dec will be determined in November. 

Reserves:  D Moore

Teams for each of H1 and H2 are to be selected by Colin Laurie with the players.